Thursday August 13th, 2020

Quiet night on the storm front thankfully, slept through but it’s still quite close and sticky. Hopefully there’ll be some rain today. Up early anyway as “E” has her first morning back in school today. She does half a day where the new arrangements are explained and they get to ask any questions they might have. “I” is in tomorrow afternoon.

“I” went with us this morning, she needed to see if there were any S6 blazers in the Uniform exchange. Unfortunately not, so we’ve had to buy her a brand new Blazer and Tie for 1 school year – a bit frustrating really! When we got home I sorted out the menu and shopping list for next week then “S” and I did some puzzles. Back to pick “E” up for her 12 o’clock finish then home for lunch.

After lunch, “I” needed to go to the doctors, she needs some catch-up vaccinations which are given in the UK but weren’t in Romania (today she’s having the second HPV). She was supposed to go for it in march but it was cancelled due to lockdwn and she’s not best pleased the surgery is giving vaccinatins again now but she realisees she needs to have it. It went OK, although she now has a sore arm!

While we were out, “S” realised she didn’t know where our black & white cat was. She looked all over the house but she’s either really well hidden somewhere (which is possible) or she’s got out. We had the back door and the kitchen door opened when we were puzzling this morning to try and get some air through the house but we were both in the kitchen. If she has got out, though, this is the only time she could have done it.

We looked for her while we took the dog out, still odd weather, it’s still really heavy in the air and there are quite ominous clouds around and about but I don;t think it is going to rain..

We’ve had a look round the estate for her too and have spoken to a few people who will look out for her. We’ll go out for another look after dinner.

We played Skip-Bo and cards (Brag, Chase the Ace and Old Maid) then we went out for another look. I’m now making dinner, we’re having Mexican Chicken stew (BBC).

Slight changes to the recipe, I’ve added ringed pepper at the end when I put the onion rings in and I used chicken thighs (I’ve learnt that for casserole-type flavoursome meals, chicken things add a real depth compared to chicken breast. I’m not taking the chicken thinghs out to shred it, we’ll have it whole). Other than that, pretty true to the recipe.

Went for another look for the cat after dinner – no joy unfortunately. Back in now and we’re about to watch Oh Brother Were Art Though. Another Coen brothers film.

Good news! We went out to look for the cat when the film finished. I saw a tabby cat bushed up under our car and heard a growl. There is only one animal can growl like that – it was her. She had made her way under our car and was hiding up on top of the rear diff and prop shaft. Very pleased we found her. No idea how she got out, I’m sure it wasn’t through the garden as I don’t think she’d have climbed the wall without us seeing her. She must have got out through the front door somehow. Anyway, she’s had her annual trip outside and is now safely back in the house. The dog was really excited when we brought her back in – she’d missed her.