Sunday August 16th, 2020

Saw this article was on the BBC website this morning. I clicked through to it after reading about China’s move to reduce food waste. I’ve written about this before but I think, as a family, we can be very proud about how little we throw away compared with the national average. This is mainly because we do what is suggested at the end of this article. We plan our meals weekly and we buy for the plan. We keep well stocked cupboards of basics (tinned food, dried food, spices, sauces etc) but only long-lasting items. All fresh and short-life products are bought little and often. We save leftovers for lunches or snacks. If, as a society, we can cut back on our food waste we will lower our food deficit (although the UK hasn’t been self-sufficient in food since the 1880s and we won’t get there again) and reduce the amount of food being imported. This, in turn, will reduce the emissions due to food transport and have a positive impact on out national carbon footprint. It’ll also make more food available for other areas of the world and/or reduce the need for over production and intensive farming which is causing such environmental damage. Like with recycling, it may feel like what we can do individually is irrelevant. The thing is, every little saving we each make, adds up to a great deal over a national or continental scale. If we want to leave a fit planet for our children and grandchildren we must do our bit today.

BBC News – We’re worse with food waste than we think

One of our favourite breakfasts this morning – Baked Eggs. Absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of them! Spread butter around a ramekin and break 2 eggs into it. Add a heaped teaspoon of crispy cooked lardons and a sprinkling of fresh herbs (we used chives and parsley today, it also works with basil) and place in a large pan – sit the ramekins in about 1cm of boiling water. Put the lid on the pan and cook for 3.5 minutes. Add a teaspoon of fresh cream and a covering of grated cheese then put the lid back on the pan and cook until the cheese is fully melted. Serve with brown toast.

After breakfast, “S” made some more Lemon Curd.

So, since the girls go back to school, properly, tomorrow morning I think we can now call Lockdown over. We’re still under restrictions, of course, and things are certainly not back to normal but we’re heading in the right direction I think (I hope). I think this is now the time to stop this daily blog as it will get harder and harder to keep on top of it as we continue to get back to order. I have enjoyed writing it and think I’ve got a bit better too. I can also see how keeping a blog (or any kind of journal or diary) positively affects your mental wellbeing. I have plans (!) to switch to another blog which we will update weekly rather than daily. I’m also planning on putting together two other blogs, if anyone is interested. I’m planning an educational blog once I’m back in work and routine over the next week or so. Not 100% sure what the main focus will be, I need to figure out what the priorities are – at the moment I am leaning towards Digital Learning. This is to keep pushinng me to read and keep expanding my knowledge – living lifelong learning! I’m also planning to move my political rantings to a seperate blog too. Again, I will try and update each of these weekly. All I have just now is the holding page for each. As they go live they can be accessed from our website homepage.

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Since we are nearly out of lockdown it’s a good time to reflect on how well we have coped as a family. Considering all of our family members outside of our nuclear group are at least 3 hours away and we haven’t actually seen any of them since March we have coped extremely well. We are extremely lucky that, as a family, we do get on so very well. We enjoy each other’s company and can happily spend time together. The daily game time and the film club arrangment has given us fixed times every day when we do things together to help us keep some structure and routine. Haviong the dog has forced us to have to get out of the house every day and, of course, we live in a beautiful part of the world. It’s not always been easy. This year has been, by far, the most challenging but it has been made so much easier because I am part of such a close and supportive family. Others haven’t been so lucky and the past 6 months must have been terrible for them. Things are looking up now so our task is to make the most of the future.

Took the dog for her walk, turned out to be quite a nice walk this afternoon.

After we got back it was Game Time (the last of the lockdown game times) and we played cards: Kaboo, Stealing Bundles, Chase the Ace, Linger Longer, Rolling Stones, King’s Corner and Spoons (of course).

I’m now making dinner – Sunday roast is Pork with all of our usual trimmings.

Tonight we’re catching up on this week’s Musical – Les Miserables. I do love this as a show (I saw the original London cast), as a soundtrack and as a film.

3 days into my Virtual Mission to get from Land’s End to John O’Groats and this is my progress.

I’ll keep posting progress updates weekly on the new blog. Hopefully they’ll look a bit more impressive than this!