Saturday August 15th, 2020 (75th Anniversary of VJ Day)

75 years ago today the Second World War, the most destructive war the world had ever seen, finally came to an end. The end of the war ushered in the Nuclear Age after the allies dropped 2 atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I’m of the same opinion as those historians who argue that Japan was already beaten and would be unlikely to fight on beyond the end of August so the dropping of the bombs was more a message to the Soviets than a necessary strategic requirement. How different the world would be if that hadn’t happened. The war was devastating and perhaps would have rumbled on for another few weeks and caused several thousand more deaths. The amount of money expended on nuclear arms in the years since is obscene. We’ve come close to nuclear war twice since then – during the Cuban missile crisis and again in the early 1980s. It doesn’t bear thinking about. Today is a day for remembering all the service personnel and civilians who died or were injured in a horrendous war in the hope of building a better world. I do have hope that we might realise that goal – but sometimes it’s hard to keep positive.

After breakfast we did a test run to the station for the girls since they’ll have to get themselves to school this year. “E” wants to cycle and “I” wants to walk. Either way they need to leave a safe 30 minutes to get there. We stopped off at Tesco on the way back to pick up some school supplies for them for Monday.

A quick lunch when we got back then “S” and I took the dog for a walk. It was a nice walk today, we saw quite a range of interesting things and, as is often the case, the sky was impressive.

Game time this afternoon was time for cards, we played Linger Longer, Classic Rummy, King’s Corners and Spoons. Such Fun! (We’ve started watching Miranda again over lunch!)

While we were out “E” made the base for some ice cream. Mixed Berry this week. “S” then made some meringue with the leftover egg whites.

It’s Saturday Soup and we’re having Spicy Potato Soup today.

After dinner, instead of watching a film and in recognition of the day, we watched the BBC broadcast commemorating VJ day. I thought it was very moving and struck just the right, sombre, tone. It’s 75 years, I don’t think these things should be “celebrated”, I found the party atmosphere that seemed to be promoted in May for VE day to be in very bad taste. We should commemorate the sacrifices made and lament the diplomatic and political failures that led to the war. It is all of our duty to do all we can to ensure it never happens again.