Monday August 17th (End of Lockdown?)

Up at 6.30 to get breakfast for the girls ready for their first full day back at school since March. It hasn’t gone down well! They both seem OK about going back, I must admit, though, I’m apprehensive. I can see what the school has done to mitigate any virus spread and our region has been hit very lightly compared to many but even so. Once people start mixing in a classroom situation it will be impossible to maintain any real social distance. It’s also going to be a much flatter school experience as all of the important extras (sports, choirs, study groups, drama etc) are on hold so school is just about academic education. This is a problem if it lasts for a long time. The hidden curriculum has been shown repeatedly to have a longer term affect of future life than basic subject lessons. Here’s hoping for a quick return to normality.

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